Webpacker, jQuery, and jQuery plugins

Some tips and recipes on getting jQuery-based applications to convert to, or at least coexist, with Webpacker in Rails 6.0.

Ruby's magic ampersand does more than you think

A few tricks with &:symbol.

Shell command execution vulnerability in Subl, a third-party Sublime Text URL handler

Advisory regarding an URL parsing vulnerability in a third-party developer integration for Sublime Text, and announcement of a replacement.

The hokusai gem

Introducing a universal clone-stamp for ActiveRecord models.

Undocumented UJS changes when upgrading to Rails 5.1

If you rely on UJS’s interfaces when upgrading to Rails 5.1, beware that the furniture has moved.

Thoughts on fixing email forwarding

Yet another proposal for fixing email. No details, just the sketch of an idea.

IPv6 timeouts with OS X Server

Fixing IPv6 on OS X Server.

Notes from a PostgreSQL RDS upgrade

In production, an Amazon RDS upgrade has a few caveats worth considering.

Apple ID password rant

In which I express dissatisfaction about the outcomes of poorly considered security interactions.

Using URL helpers in Rails ActiveJob background jobs

Rails background jobs don’t know the absolute URL unless you configure it explicitly.